Personal Narrative: Discrimination By Strangers

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Being discriminated by strangers due to your race, ethnicity, religious background, or financial status is a distasteful experience. Yet, it is fathomable because they are strangers and they cannot identify with you. They only judge the little they see or know. However, what truly scars you is being mistreated by family and friends whom you trust and put your faith in. I bear with me this scar from the unjust treatment of my supposed new family.
After residing in the United States with my father and sister for a year, my father decided to move to Boston to further his education. My senior year was fast approaching and it would have been a detriment to my education if I relocated to another state. With college application, letters of recommendations
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She had been my first friend in the United States and I considered her as family after a year of our friendship. Before my dad embarked on his journey, he repeatedly requested from the family the amount they demanded of him for my living expenses but they told him to not concern himself with it. Living with a new family was difficult because of the different culture and family rules. I had barely adjusted to living with my father for the first time in seventeen years. I had to pay for gas to be dropped off at school which I was unfamiliar with. I was prohibited from studying in the living room, although I was not provided a place to study. So I studied on my bed and my back ached from bending it or resting it on the stiff wall for too long. Most times, when I cooked for the family, my food was left untouched by the parents and I ate my food alone. I decided to learn how to prepare their traditional foods to please them because my cultural dishes were too spicy for them but there was no change. Nevertheless, I was prepared to embrace the rules and regulations if it assured a roof over my head for nine more months when I would graduate. My education was my priority and I did not intend to sabotage

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