Family, Culture, And Health Practice Among Migrant Farmworkers

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Bechtel A. G Shepherd A. M./ Rogers W.P.
1995 Family, Culture, and Health Practices among Migrant Farmworkers in journal of Community Health Nursing, Vol.12, No.1 pp 15-22 In the article Family, Culture, and Health Practice among Migrant Farmworkers, Betchel, Shepard and Rogers identify patterns among migrant farm workers that lead to their health issues. These patterns including seasonal traveling, constant labor, and constant stress, caused “migrant farm workers and their families to have restricted access to health care”(p15). So not only are these patterns affecting the MFW health but they are also affecting their access to good health. The information for this research was compiled “over a two week period by … students “on” 225 men, women and children in five migrant health camps in southern Georgia” (16). Betchel, Shephard, and Rogers retrieved information from the MFW on health immunizations, occupational health, barriers to health across, and MFW family’s health. Through, the data they discovered the majority of the men, women, and children in the health camps did not have immunization records; without proper immunization, the migrant families have greater risk to disease, such as tuberculosis, head lice, and urinary tract infections. Another factor to the cause of these diseases was their living styles. Because MFW were constantly traveling, they had to constantly move where they lived and slept, usually in “rent-free trailers furnished by the farmer” (16).…

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