Family Center Reflection

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Please tell us what you know about Abide Family Center, which has brought you to want to intern with us.

I heard about the Abide Family Center through a mentor and close family friend who connected me to the Point Loma Nazarene University International Development possible internship opportunities page. After doing research on this organization, I was inspired by its mission and goals, I greatly appreciate its focus on strengthening families and seeking to find alternative solutions for at-risk families that allow them to keep their children. I am extremely passionate about poverty alleviation, which seems to be a central focus of the Abide Family Center. But, I also love that this organization understands the importance positive familial
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I chose this minor because of my excitement for this practice experience, which combines with passion for social justice work with my need for credits in school. I think that completing this practice experience in a new place such as Jinja, Uganda would push me out of my comfort zone in positive ways that allow for personal growth. The type of work I would be doing with the Abide Family Center is a huge motivation for me because I have a huge heart for impoverished youth and (due to a history of parent divorce) family separation. My last main motivation for this internship is its base in Christianity. My school offers many programs for practice experiences, but I chose to search for one on my own in order to insure an internship with a Christian organization. My faith is of central importance to me, and I think that I would thrive much better in an organization surrounded with people of similar …show more content…
Every summer from 6th -12th grade I participated in different local community service projects that inspired my passion for poverty alleviation and relationship building. Most recently, I served in Yakima County, Washington over spring break on a Native American Reservation, to renovate broken down houses and lead a children’s day care. From this experience I learned about the importance of accounting for cultural differences, and focusing on the values of the population being

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