Reflection On The Tonya Carver Family

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Family #1
Tonya Carver family 1 focused on a couple name Richard and Jennifer, who has a 3 year old and a 7 month old. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Education, which I thought was great for teaching her babies a one or two about how important education is. Jennifer love for the books she’s read were given to her daughter Paige. Which I also thought was another fantastic idea for not only Paige but Jennifer. If Paige loves to read than she’s learning words she should know at the age she is. Jennifer enhances Paige’s language and communication skills by spending time learning her letters and singing songs that help her learn her numbers and alphabets.
Jasmine Baskin, I chose to put my focus on my sister and her boyfriend. Which their names
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They have two children, a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. They communicate with their children by using gestures. Those children were making full sentences by the age of 2. They also uses techno games, flashcards, and their parents would read to them every night. Their parents’ say, by doing this has made a big difference.
Michael Bridges chose to discuss a family with a 2 year old. While reading with her daughter, mom let her dictate what is going on. Her mother figures if she asks more questions about the subject, she would talk more about it. Her mother would relate the stories to her and she says it helps to relate it back to the book. Her mother also shows her daughter the pictures and words on the page.
A list of ways to enhance a baby’s language and communication skills:
I think the list Tonya, Allisa, Michael, and I have created goes hand in hand. Because, I do too think it’s the parents’ job to make sure their little ones are able to begin those two important skills. Tonya and Allisa discussed more so when the mother becomes pregnant and that she should begin interacting with her baby. Michael and I chose to focus more on the child outside the womb. While teaching them those things inside the womb, it’s very important that they still recognizes those skills once they begin to notice

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