Essay on Faith Is The Most Precious Possession Of God

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Faith is a gift from God that no everyone is given. It is composed of mind, heart, and will. Since these intangible elements are different to every believer, it is difficult to construct a precise definition of what faith is. Faith can be dominant or minuet, depending on the person. Nevertheless, it gives people belief that some how in this life, there is a meaning and purpose to be found through faith. Religious faith involves believing in God and living a life in relation to God. The New Testament links faith closely to metanoia, which means “conversion”. This concept of converting, or changing, means to radically redirect one’s heart. More so, Jesus expects his followers to be committed to him with their mind and heart. A person of faith is one that converts to Jesus. They prioritize God’s love and service of other’s, according to the New Testament. Faith is the most precious possession to believers, so Jesus warns his followers of ever doing anything that will undermine it. “It would be better if anyone who leads astray one of these simple believers were to be plunged in the sea with a great millstone fastened around his neck” (Mark 9:42). Jesus teaches that through faith people can become the persons they want to be. Someone who is a person of faith belongs to a faith community. These faith-based communities are comprised of people of faith. In a more literal sense, a person of faith is anyone that can be classified by devotion to a religious tradition, versus those…

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