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Running head: Healthy Grief

Healthy Grief
Bincy Mathew
Grand Canyon University
HLT-310V Spirituality in Health Care
December 18, 2011

Grieving Process by Kubler-Ross and the Story of Job The most painful part of the life is loss. Grief is a range of emotions and behaviors shown by people when confronted with a sudden loss. Kubler-Ross made a great contribution to the study of mourning in 1969 by introducing the “5 stages of grief”: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In the book of Job, the brief prologue setting forth the story and the brief epilogue completing it sandwich a lengthy series of dialogues and monologues regarding the nature of and reasoning for suffering. Job’s visiting friends come to provide
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Stage 3 is the bargaining stage. Job does not enter into this stage |. Job does not bargain with God, in fact when God speaks to him out |
|despite the plea of his wife to “curse God and die”. |of the whirlwind in Job 38 and 39. |
|Stage 4 of Dr. Kubler-Ross grief model is depression. Job’s withdrawal|For seven days, Job and his friends kept silent. |
|and his own form of depression that finds him sitting on the ground | |
|for seven days and nights. | |
|Stage 5 is acceptance of the situation. Job 42:7-16 finds that Job has| |
|learned that he can live again after his conservation with God. | |

The losses of Job occurred all at once on a particular day. Losses of this magnitude would be difficult for any one individual to live through. According to Dr. Kubler-Ross’ five stages of Grief model, it would be expected for Job should be in shock over these events and enter into some form of denial. Job in the biblical narrative is a contrast to the model because he not only does not display denial he never really express shock at the

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