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Health care Provider and Faith Diversity
Sumitha Thomas
Grand Canyon University: HLT - 310V
October 24, 2013

Health care Provider and Faith Diversity
As America is rich in multi cultural immigrants’ diversities in culture, beliefs, faiths and religion are not uncommon among American population. Health care profession is one of the major areas that are affected with these diversities of culture, beliefs, faiths and religion. While there are many advantages of rich and diverse heritage, it’s challenging for health care professionals to deal with those from various faith/ spiritual background, especially for minority religious groups. However, in order to provide best available care health care professionals
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They view mountains, springs, waterfalls, trees and son as sacred. Shintoism views sickness as a result of dark negative energy and in order to be healed the dark negative energy should be released. According to the Shinto’s perspectives all things are born from the unity of nature and humans are features of nature which depends upon spirits as well as human ancestors. They believe healing can occur through worshiping of Kami which can be translated as gods, natural spirits or spiritual presence (Willburn, 2007).
Healing Components As a health care professional, it’s vital to know about the critical component of healing of various religions; for example such as Sikhism, Buddhism and Shintoism. Knowledge of critical components of various religions will facilitate to the best healthy outcome during or after hospital stay of patients. Like Christianity, Sikhism views prayer and faith as the main components of healing. Therefore, their main components of healing are a quiet prayer room that has carpet placed; playing of keertan at their bedside; listening to their sacred hymns known as Garbani and read Holy Scripture Guru Granth Sahib that provides physical and spiritual strength as well as nourishment. Sikh patients usually keep a prayer book with them that covered with a piece of cloth and keep in a clean place usually above the head. As part of

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