Fairy Tales: The Symbols Of The English Fairy Tale

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English Fairy tale
Once upon a time, in a far away castle, where the peasants and the royalty were close, and the animals were friends of the humans, a king and a queen were leaving happier than ever with their 3 princes. It was well known by everyone around the village that princesses, queens, kings or other majesty figures, always had blond hair which was a symbol of royalty, magnificence and dignity.
One day, the queen, who was known for her endless generosity and had the kindness of an angel was walking in the forest surrounding the castle like every Sunday. As she was picking up flowers to create a joli bouquet to embellish her kingdom, she heard an uncommon sound not far from the path. Her curiosity lead her to a baby with eyes blue like the sea and hair darker than coal. It was love at first sight. Since the queen and
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But there were so many questions she wanted to ask. The princess was confused and excited by distraction.
“Who are you?” she finally said.

“My dear Ela, we are your godmothers,” said the timid one who hadn’t had a chance to talk. “Your mother gave us the mission to take care of you before dying when she gave birth to you.”
“You knew my mother?” Said Ela with exclamation
“For sure we knew your mother.” Answered the three elf all at once. “Every body knew her. She was the most beautiful fairy of them all. One day she felt in love with a human. He came to see her everyday for a whole years and after this year of love they decided to have you. Your mother sadly succumbed to her injuries after giving birth to you my dear.”
“If my mother was a fairy said Ela,” with an emotional voice after hearing the story, “I am also half fairy.”
The elf looked at each other unsure of their upcoming answer.
“Yes my dear” Announced one of the godmother. “You have the chance to heal any living form with your hair.”
“Therefore godmothers, why didn’t I never achieve to heal someone before?” intonated the nervous

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