Fairy Tale Story Essay

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The Beaver and the Bird
Mr. Brad Bucky, the friendly beaver that lives down in the creek near our house was hard at work, building a new home for his family. Now Mr. Bucky’s house was not a house like we have, it was a dam made from sticks and rocks and mud. Mr. Bucky needed to finish his house because his wife, Becky Bucky, was going to have 5 baby beavers very soon. At first, Mr.
Bucky was making excellent progress on his new home and was nearly half done in just a few short days. But then progress started to slow down. What was the problem?
High above in a nearby tree, Connie Crow was also building a nest for her own soon-tobe growing family. She was really struggling to find good sticks to help build her nest until
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She had taken many sticks from the beaver’s home and had sorted through so many, but now her nest was just perfect, and she was even a week ahead of schedule. Just as she realized she was pretty worn out from all of the work gathering those sticks, she began to feel something quite funny. She tried but just couldn’t figure out what was causing this funny shaking in the tree. She knew it wasn’t the wind blowing, so what could it be. Then all of a sudden the tree started to fall. Connie was scared but managed to fly away. Then, right at the bottom of her fallen tree, she saw that beaver standing right there. He had chewed all the way through her tree and made it fall to the ground.
As disappointed as Connie was because she was going to have to build a brand new nest, she knew that she had done wrong stealing those sticks from Bucky. She knew that if she hadn’t taken his sticks, he wouldn’t have had to cut her tree down to get more wood. Connie knew right away she had broken a rule she had known quite well as a child, “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” (Luke 6:31, New Living Translation) Connie had to build a brand new nest, but this time she wouldn’t be stealing anything from

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