Fair Prices In Healthcare

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Healthcare has evolved tremendously over the years; there have been so many changes partly due to the extended life expectancy of the elders, increased mental disease awareness, more patients being diagnosed with cancer and a number of other factors. Healthcare has expanded beyond simply treating diseases, but preventing diseases. Patients can now expect their primary care physician and insurance company recommending having yearly preventative visit, lab work and diagnostics test such as mammograms, colonoscopies, prostrate checks, etc. However some of those necessary preventative test are not covered under some insurance plans, or they are covered but not 100%. With that being said patients feel pressured into doctor visit and lab work that results in excessive medical bills on top of copay/co-insurances and monthly premiums.
a. Presently TCH does not have a formal cancer center to treat its patients; as a result patients have been going to Tertiary Medical Center for treatment. While TMC has a
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If insurance companies are causing hospitals and physicians to turn patients away due to reduced payments, then legislators may force insurance companies and physicians/hospitals to agree on a “fair” price. An agreement among all parties would mean patients can receive proper preventative and treatment services, and physicians will be paid according to a fee that they agreed upon as being fair. In the agreement it should be noted that the fair price should not affect patient’s premium, co-pay/coinsurance or benefits amount, nor should the agreement increase the patient’s deductible. The fair price agreement should include increase in cost for healthcare providers and be open to negotiations from all parties, at the end all parties should benefit and the patients should see the results. With the rise of cancer patients it’s also imperative that physicians negotiate a plan with insurance companies to include all cancer preventative screening at 100% coverage for

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