Factory Farming Should Be Discontinued Essay

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Through the years people have eaten meat in order to obtain protein. As the population continues to grow more meat has to be produced, causing family farms to incorporate inhumane methods or to become a factory farm. Is this all worth it? Factory farming is a mystery to many and other would rather not be informed of what goes on behind closed doors. Meat is not as safe and healthy as they say it is. Also what other effects is it having on our environment that may affect us in the long run. For these reasons production of meat through factory farming should be discontinued.
With the continuing growth in our population, there is a demand for more factory farms and more food production. “People in the developing world eat 32 kilograms of meat a year on average, compared to 80 kilograms per person in the industrial world” ("We Continue...”). Discontinuing factory farms will decrease the consumption of meat which means a decrease of methane being produced along with a decrease of global warming. “The methane that cattle and their manure produce have a global warming effect equal to that of 33 million automobiles” (Motavalli). Methane will continue to be a big impact on the environment unless something is done; in order to save our planet some sacrifices are necessary and this time it 's not about not letting the water run while brushing your teeth or taking ten minute showers, it is about not consuming meat from factory farms and destroying all the factory farms. There is lots…

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