Factors To Reduce Class Size

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Register to read the introduction… "Studies from Tennessee, Wisconsin, and many other states have shown that reducing the number of students in grades K-8”(Haimson "Why Class Size Matters) do better academically, have improved attendance rates, and behave better in class. Research examining the STAR project consistently shows that students in smaller classes learned significantly more than students who were not assigned to smaller classes (The Pennsylvania State Education Association) There is no particular thing that changes the behavior in students, but some of the most important assets to reducing class sizes and changing the behavior in students is that the teacher must be experienced, everyone needs to create a positive environment and the number of students should be reduced to 15-18 children to provide benefits. To improve the behavior of students it has to be an all around effort in the classroom, both students and teachers working to change things. Reduced class sizes will create a quieter environment for students to meet academic needs and …show more content…
I have asked teachers if they want smaller classes Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Dick, Mr. Artaz, Ms. Reyes, Ms. Sanford and many more teachers want to reduce class sizes. 8th grade language arts teacher Ms. Gunden was interviewed by me about class reduction she stated, "One on one time and meeting with small groups would be a lot easier and the behavior would be better because I can manage less children easier (Personal interview January, 31, 2014)". Teachers they get stressed, tired, and sometimes in a bad mood. They don’t get enough sleep because they are staying up late planning our lessons, grading papers, and thinking of other things to improve our learning. When you decrease class sizes by adding teachers then that stress can decrease, a lot, because they don't have to plan for 25 kids. When you teach you have to know what you are teaching. Tired teachers cannot teach well, then you get kids falling behind and thats what we want to avoid. Some people were worried about the idea that we couldn't hire more teachers. The principal at Valley Center Middle School, Mr.Hipp, already has plans to decrease class size; he wants to add a math and reading interventionist. If we do not have enough money pay both interventionists, then we can get one person to do both (Staffing 2014-2015).In both scenarios they play out to the teachers and our advantage. Since we would have new teachers to teach the other classes, then our

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