Factors That Caused Me Stress Essay

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After completing the stress diary for two weeks, I have noticed a lot of patterns about myself and how I handle stressful situations and events. Each of the twelve days I documented, I was to describe the situation that caused me stress, explain both my physical and emotional responses to the situations, rate my stress from 1 (least) to 10 (most), and provide the mechanisms in which I coped. I noticed patterns in the way I coped with most events, and also how my body physically reacted to the stressful situations.
There were patterns I saw in my stressors, and I saw what my main stressors appeared to be. The main cause of stress for me was upcoming exams in my classes. Exams seemed to be the stressor I had in most of my days, whether that have been studying or actually taking the exam. I am a very test anxious person, so it does not surprise me that exams are the main stressor in this journal. A stressor I noticed I documented a few times was fights or conversations with friends of mine. I don’t like conflict or confrontation, so when these would occur, it would cause me stress, even in the slightest. Another pattern I found was that all except for one stressor I recorded were all negative. On October 20, I went on a date, which was a stressor, but it was a positive one. This was the only time I recorded a positive stressor in the two weeks. I seem to have a lot of negative stress, but not any positive stress, which was interesting to find.
During the two weeks in…

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