Factors Affecting The Progression Of Blood And Saliva Essay

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Various risk factors influence the progression of periodontitis and contribute towards the ability of bacteria to invade periodontal tissue. Consequently, the inflammatory process caused by bacterial infection, causes soft tissue destruction and bone loss (Berezow & Darveau, 2011). Stress and anxiety cause an increased level of adrenocorticotropic hormones, such as cortisol in blood and saliva. Cortisol has an immunosuppressive effect on the host, strengthening the ability for pathogenic bacteria to manifest in the gingival sulcus (Refulio, Rocafuerte, de la Rosa, Mendoza, & Chambrone, 2013). This may indicate that stress and anxiety are part of the spectrum of multifactorial risk factors for periodontitis. In order to ascertain the effect of psychosocial status in adults suffering from this debilitating disease, it is imperative to identify variables such as demographic status and life experiences, to understand the initial cause of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, comprehension of cortisol-release from the adrenal gland as an association between psychosocial issues and periodontitis severity justifies the role of cortisol as a biochemical marker for periodontitis (Hilgert, Hugo, Bandeira, & Bozzetti, 2006). Consequently, in depth assessment of the psychosocial status of a periodontitis patient in conjunction with the appropriate association with cortisol may contribute to diagnosis and enhance treatment planning (Mahendra, Austin, Kumar, Mahendra, & Felix, 2012).…

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