Factors Affecting Public Speaking Essay

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Register to read the introduction… 3 Speech Communication classes during the first semester, Academic Year 2013-2014. Particularly, these are the 184 second year (2nd) students from BS ME, BS EE, BSAE, ABENGLISH, ABSOC.SCI, BSHRM (A & B) and BSIT (A& B). Not all courses of this institution were considered as respondents of the study because only these groups of students are taking speech communication subject.
There were standard questionnaire that was distributed to the respondents within the preliminary period of the first semester as to their anticipation towards public speaking as part of the speech communication subject. The three parts questionnaire includes the Socio-demographic profile of the respondents, the self-made questionnaire to determine the factors affecting public speaking anxiety categorized into five factors such as A. An Unfamiliar Situation, B. Lack of Confidence, C. Sense of Isolation, D. Self-Consciousness and E. Fear of Looking Foolish and the levels of anxiety on public speaking among speech communication students will be measured using the adopted instrument of James McCroskey (1972) the Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety with 34 questions focuses strictly on public
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The specific situations identified were: communicating with family, with other people in social and professional circles, with people of higher or lower occupational status, with people in formal circles, with people from other socio-economic status higher or lower than theirs, with people using various modes of communication, and with people speaking in Filipino. It was however revealed that males were more comfortable than females when speaking with foreigners or dealing with strangers. Females on the other hand were found to be more comfortable when communicating with those from the same socio-economic status as theirs, when giving compliments to others, and when talking to gays and

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