Facebook 's Initiative Case Questions Essay

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Facebook’s Internet.org’s Initiative Case Questions
The principal objective of Internet.org was to connected the rest of the world with the technical tool, internet access. With this ides, more than two third of the worl would have access to be in contact to have the same opportunities. Internet.org was an idea of no profit organizations and leaders to increase the affordability to those who do not have the ability to be connected. There were different models presented to transmit data in diverse systems including a compressing data. All of those were innovative ideas used at the end a part of all of them to create the main goal of Intern.org. According the result of a Deloitte research, the major resource of connectivity in the commerce was the use of internet. This tool minimize time and increase markets with a result of 140-160 millions of job opportunities. That means less unemployment issues. Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Samsung, Facebook, Nokia, and Qualcomn are some of the world leading sources of technology systems and connection trough the world. At the same time, this spectacular tool is affected by the economy situation. For example, more than 85 percent of the overseas population has a cellular device, no more than 30 percent have access to the internet service due to the fact of the cost of this service. With the reason of facilitate the access of internet, internet.org created an app where people could get data about employment, local news and health.…

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