Facebook 's Influence On Facebook Essays

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Facebook was becoming less popular as I entered high school and all my friends were joining Twitter, but I was hesitant to create an account. I did not really post on Facebook so Twitter did not seem like a site that I would use, but after some peer pressure I finally made an account. As soon as I clicked on the “create account” button on Twitter, I knew what I was going to use Twitter for: showing others how I wanted to be perceived. Twitter is my main social media tool and it is the app that I most frequently use. I am on most of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well, but Twitter is the site that others can see the most of who I am, or at least who I want them to think I am.
I created my Twitter in October of 2013, when I was only using Facebook at the time, and began by only following my close friends. Each night, however, I followed more and more people, some people I only knew that went to my school but I never talked to, until I felt like I was following enough people. Looking back on it, it appears that I only followed the “cool kids” as they were the ones that had tons of followers and I wanted to be associated with them. I follow two hundred eleven people and have two hundred forty-nine followers, and I feel like those are respectable numbers for each, as it is nothing too drastic. Something that stands out right away is the number of tweets that I have: only two hundred twenty-six tweets, so seeing a tweet from my…

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