Facebook, The Hottest Thing On The Internet Essay

1198 Words May 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Do you have Facebook still or have you forgot about it already.Many people around the world use it daily and is one of the largest social media pages out their. It has grown gradually over the past years from people off different ages but according to research many of Facebook users are older people. Many teens have lost interest in it over the years from new advance apps like Instagram snapchat etc.

When Facebook first came out teens where all over it was like the hottest thing on the internet."I think that it might have seemed more interesting in the past because it was a new 'forum, '" Friedman says. "Now that it is not new, it takes does take more unique content to make it interesting"(Ortutay, par 26).Teens just don’t find it interesting no more its not that advanced or fun as these other top internet apps like this young girl says "When I first got Facebook I literally thought it was the coolest thing to have. If you had a Facebook you kind of fit in better, because other people had one," says Rachel Fernandez, 18" but that doesn 't make it less popular its still one of the biggest apps out their "But so far, for every person who has left permanently, several new people have joined up. Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the world. Of these, 618 million sign in every day"(Harris, par 5). Facebook is fit for everybody in the world it fits in with a lot off thing from just trying to get a laugh or entertainment or if you want to find out information about…

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