Facebook A Waste Of Time Case Study

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Do you have Facebook still or have you forgot about it already.Many people around the world use it daily and is one of the largest social media pages out their. It has grown gradually over the past years from people off different ages but according to research many of Facebook users are older people. Many teens have lost interest in it over the years from new advance apps like Instagram snapchat etc.

When Facebook first came out teens where all over it was like the hottest thing on the internet."I think that it might have seemed more interesting in the past because it was a new 'forum, '" Friedman says. "Now that it is not new, it takes does take more unique content to make it interesting"(Ortutay, par 26).Teens just don’t find it interesting
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Many people will say Facebook is just a waste of time and that you have no live if you have one but Facebook has many good thing it was websites logged In to it to find information maybe you need help some homework and you can instantly message a friend and let him help you out I mean theirs slot of information put in their that just by looking something up many different thing will pop up and any restaurant and store a company maybe you want to get a job and they have pages that have jobs up for applying you can find direction to places many Facebook pages have a link to their website by just a click you can have all of it right in front off …show more content…
Facebook is the biggest Social media app outgrowth it is Still on top even though there is other big brands that have came out like snap chat Instagram vine twitter it has everything you need. Instagram you upload pictures snap chat you send pics twitter you post stuff about you One has funny videos. But Facebook puts all that into one app. Minions of people long in everyday to see what’s going on around the world from news to sports to all kind of thing everything you can think off is most likely to be in Facebook. Everyday there is something new to look at. The website is crawling with teens around the world people from across country’s talk and message each other even if they have never seen them before or even if you come upon a old friends you can request them to be your friend on it and install you can start communication. If random people add you you can deny their request and they can not see your profile or anything you post. And you can have either a private account or open to others prom the settings you can choose if it’s on private nobody that is not your friend can see nothing but if it’s not private anybody who is or is not your friends can see your pictures to your history to your

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