Extracurricular Activity

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Name : Nabila Habib
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Group : Topaz
Topic : should parents push their kids into extracurricular activities, such as music or sports?
These are my arguments is that parents should push their kids into an extracurricular activity. I strongly agree with this statement. As well as every topic have both positive and negative sides. But extracurricular activity has so many positive aspects which are very important for children health. It also ensures a healthy lifestyle for any children. Although it has so many positive sides, still there have some arguments about the extracurricular activity. These days most of the parents don’t prefer extracurricular activity for their children. They are thinking that, extracurricular activity is harmful
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All kids are not very friendly. So many parents are very worried about that. If they join in a club such as teamwork, sports those are very helpful for social interact. When kids join that kind of activity, they get chance to meet new people. It is a different type of experience to meet different type of people. In that way, they will able to overcome their shyness. Also, they can build up their leadership quality by leading teamwork. It also develops communication skill. When kids do any teamwork, they have to communicate with another team member. In that way they able to build up their communication skill. They will learn how to talk with people and interact. Participating in extracurricular activity helps them in college and job application. It makes a good impression for any students. It also proofs that he/she is a well-rounded and responsible person. Being in the extracurricular activity, kids get chance to know what is their hobby. If kids attend many types of club, they can find out what is their best ability. For example, a kid is very good in sports but he/she is excellent in art. It can be a great …show more content…
It prepares them for future. They get the opportunity to build up their career by participating in the extracurricular activity. So parents need to think wisely about that. Otherwise, they will not ensure a better future for their children. And childhood is an important term. In that time, if parents take proper steps for them, they will be benefit in many ways. An extracurricular activity effects on their behavior. Kids can develop social skill, communication skill, increase self -esteem, and able to explore their hidden talent. So parents need to motivate their kids for extracurricular

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