External Sourcing Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… There are many reasons why external resourcing can be time consuming, that’s because a lot of time goes into outlining the vacancy, what kind of person is eligible for the job, then there comes the advertising aspect and also and also the selection process itself. Also if an employee decides to leave the organisation and they then begin to work for another organisation, then they have to work their notice. Depending on what type of job it is the work notice can be from 1 week to 6 months. If the organisation fails to replace the now new vacancy then this can damage the status of the business, although if the employee is recruited internally then this won’t affect the business. When it comes to external costs two factors are considered like; advertising or the fee needed to be paid to the agency for recommending the employee and opportunity costs, as the organisation would only spend on the external recruitment and nothing else.

In my organisation, Haringey Sixth Form Centre, they have a lot of new facilities; especially for the Media and the Performing Arts
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Even though recruiting can be costly and it is better off if the current employee is able to do extra work, however Haringey looked at he performance of their current Technician and found out that the Technicians work ethic wasn’t up to par with the standards of the centre- so that’s another reason for deciding to recruit. Haringey also considered the fact that the current vacancy will survive in the future as the sixth form will always continue to grow and expand- where Haringey would even need more

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