External Factors That Affect Your Relationships Essay

1965 Words Nov 13th, 2014 8 Pages
Relationships come and go over time, but there is always external factors that directly influence how our relationships with people end and or how new relationships start up. Our relationships can be altered by simply the distance between one another, for with a new location, we create new relationships and old relationships may remain or change. Relationships can also change by our demands and interests, for if we have a girlfriend or boyfriend or an intensive job, we may have to choose one over another relationship. Distance, interest, and demand affect our relationships, pertaining to communication, and thus meaning that these external factors contribute to whether we maintain a steady communication, have issues with communicating with another, and or communication ends with another. One aspects of an external factor that affects our relationships, is the fact that our interests can differ over time, but not limited to just ourselves, our partners in relationships’ interests can and will change over time also. An external factor, based on interests, which affects how a relationship can change is when a person, can be one’s self or a friend, starts to experiment in different things, ranging from small side hobbies to anything imaginable. Having same and different interests can affect how a relationship grows as well, because according to Jeffrey Simpson and Lorne Campbell (2013), in The Oxford Handbook of Close Relationships, “For example, partners who share the same…

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