Essay on Extended Response : Point Perry Townhouses

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Extended Response: Point Perry Townhouses

The development company Point Perry Townhouses has been requested to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to build 50 townhouses on Point Perry the headland as seen in the pictures. At the same time Point Perry Townhouses proposes to build a raised viewing platform over the rock platform so that tourist can better observe the organisms on the rock platform at all tide levels as well as sinking the HMAS Forest Glen creating an artificial reef and hence a dive site for tourists. The Council has three reports in front, a summary of research conducted by Sunshine Coast Ecology Experts Brown and Smith. A summary of the proposals by Point Perry Townhouses and a summary of objections and counter proposals by the Save Perry Action Group. The three reports highlight different biological aspects of the Point Perry Townhouse proposal, the first report underlines the biological impacts of the Point Perry townhouses, the second report accentuates the positive effects and the third report emphasizes the negative biological impacts on the construction of the Point Perry townhouses. Through the information given in these three various reports a recommendation has been determined to reject the proposal of any buildings and also prohibit fishing.

Report one, proposes the potential significant impacts of the Point Perry Townhouse proposal. Rocky shores along the Queensland coast only represent 1% of the coastline, due…

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