Exploring The Concept Of Bartering Essay

1500 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
I can still remember when I first learned about the concept of bartering. It was in fourth grade and my class was being taught how early societies used a system of trading goods or labor as kind of money. A farmer who had his own cows could give milk to a doctor in exchange for some medicine. In fact, this manner of give and take was used during prehistoric times when hunter-gatherers roamed America. Tribes from one area where, for example, salt and bison were bountiful might trade those goods with another tribe who had plenty of corn and cotton to give away. This part of history really captured my attention when I was younger and I still find the idea intriguing. I think this concept is brilliant and makes more sense to me than the similar use of paper bills and shiny coins used today.
The purchasing power of money has decreased over the years and people are looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. Some newer businesses are trying to revive the idea of bartering which uses none or very little money. The use of trading goods and services is gaining popularity and is connecting people in this self-absorbed world. One company called Time Banking is essentially bartering. Unlike a normal bank, this system relies on people using their time and skills doing a service for someone else. When a person completes a requested task, they earn time credits which they can later use when they need help from others. This medium of exchange allows people to build new connections…

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