Exploitation Of Athletes

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In college athletics, the exploitation of athletes is a common occurrence among larger division 1 athletic schools, specifically in basketball and football. In many cases the college is the main source of exploitation, but do the athletes take advantage of cases such as this? Some believe that college athletes deserve some form of compensation in return for their exposure for their colleges financial successes whether in the form of jersey sales, luring spectator’s into the stands or whatever it may be. On the other side of the story, many of these big named athletes are on full scholarship for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Does this count as a form of compensation to the athletes? Some agree and say yes, but some say no, claiming the athletes deserve more than credited for.
In large colleges, big named athletes are often exploited with intent
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Guei sees most of these athletes as being inconsiderate and greedy. His main case is that he won $40,000 at a free throw contest and he gave the money away because he received a full scholarship to play basketball at Northridge. The whole point about the argument is that Guei knows the value of a scholarship even though it isn’t to a huge division 1 school. As for many other athletes, they always seem to want more with the scholarship. This is one small reason that shows athletes try to take advantage of big named school in order for money, and publicity. With these athletes, why not take advantage of their resources though? Many of the athletes that go to these big schools are often around a coaching staff or school in which they can showcase their abilities and possibly make it onto the next level. The exploitation of athletes can go either way whether it’s the athletes being exploited or the athletes taking advantage of the exploitation. How is it that these athletes use the exploitation? The answer to that is the

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