Explain You That Vladimir Will Not Disappear While In Custody.

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Question 1 I can assure you that Vladimir will not disappear while in custody. I am aware that in the past, Russia has assumed suspected criminals guilty until proven innocent, this does not hold true in the United States. In fact, suspected criminals are to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Russian police were also prone to not allowing a suspect to consult with an attorney until interrogations were concluded, during which they used torture and beatings to gain confessions (Kramer, p. 3). In America the 8th Amendment protects against cruel and unusual punishment, therefore, while Vladimir is in custody, he will not be harmed at the hands of the government. For the mean time I will consult with Vladimir which cannot be denied based on the Miranda Rights, giving Vladimir the right to an attorney. I will also submit a health care request on behalf of Vladimir to get him medical attention to ensure he is fine.
While speaking to the US attorney who is prosecuting Vladimir, I was made aware
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Both of the defenses that will be used to represent Vladimir will be presented during the pretrial motion. One of the defenses is that the police did not have a no-knock warrant and therefore, violated Vladimir’s rights when they burst into his apartment without knocking or giving him a chance to answer the door. If this defense is successful all of the evidence obtained while executing the warrant will be inadmissible, meaning they cannot use any of the evidence they have against him during the trial. Another defense that will be used is that the police did not have sufficient evidence to obtain a warrant to search Vladimir’s cell phone without his consent. If the insufficient evidence strategy is successful, the prosecution will lose their biggest piece of evidence making it easier to provide reasonable doubt during the trial and possibly forcing them to drop the charges

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