Explain Why Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults

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There are people who commit crimes punishable by life sentences, some are old, and some are young, very young. Juveniles over the age of fifteen should be tried as adults in the court of law. Children under the age of sixteen probably had good reason to commit serious crimes, but that doesn’t mean they are innocent, and there may be a good reason why some juveniles may have done what they did. If someone is sixteen or older, and you commit a crime, you are old enough to be held in court, and receive a trial, because they are mature enough to commit it as an act of criminal intentions. History of this case has proven to us that juveniles can be just as dangerous as adults. The court system should be able to give life sentences to juveniles who commit crimes that would have given them life in prison if they were adults.
There are, however, some reasons as to why juveniles shouldn’t have to receive a life sentence for crimes they committed. If the young person is under sixteen years old, they should be tested for mental stability. There are some circumstances in which the young person has done a certain crime to protect him or herself, or others; there may be a time when life sentencing should not be taken upon him or her, or any sentencing of punishment thereof. Some instances of very young crime should not
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There are some instances in which we should investigate some morals behind these crimes, Nonetheless, they are criminals, and must be dealt with accordingly. Most of the people who commit acts of crime as adolescents are committing them with criminal intentions. There is no good reason why adolescents shouldn’t be treated as adults when they commit serious and sometimes deadly crimes. Yes, the court should be given full power in which to punish juveniles for acts of murder, robbery, and other

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