Explain Why Is It Important To Work For A College Degree Essay

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A college degree is often regarded as one of the most essential tools in everyday life. It shows that one knows what they’re doing in whatever subject the degree is in, and that they excel at it. Some people can’t live without it, almost quite literally. And although some people believe a college degree is not worth the trouble for sensible reasons, such as lack of money, a degree is worth the trouble due to the fact that it helps people get desirable jobs, it makes graduates more productive and innovative, and people believe that it helps them grow. One reason people should work for a college degree is that people can get more optimal jobs if they have a degree. All, or at least the majority of, of the highest paying jobs require some form of a graduate degree. However, you can get jobs without a degree, but those that require one pays much, much more than those that don’t. “Education helps people do higher-skilled work, get jobs with better-paying companies or open their own business” (Leonhardt). A degree can also help with jobs that don’t require one. Employers are more willing to trust and increase pay for those they employ that have a college degree compared to those …show more content…
People will feel that they have grown both in intellect and maturity. They will go through experiences that people face daily in their adult lives. With college, people will be prepared for the future. Ordinarily, college will show them the hardships of life, alongside the beneficial parts. Without college, they wouldn’t be prepared for the ‘real world.’ Society would collapse due to a lack of basic knowledge and common sense. The experiences that people face, or at least will face in college would help them shape a new tomorrow. “…74% say their college was very useful in helping them grow intellectually…” (Executive Summary). College is one of the tools of life that helps people grow. Without it, we’d all be sitting in the dark, twiddling our

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