Process Essay: Is College Worth It?

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Hunter Williams
Mrs. Brackbill
Honors American Literature 10
6 October 2016
Is College worth it? Imagine working a dead end job at some measly minimum wage paying diner with no outlook of the situation getting better, just to keep up with lifes endless killer expenses. Sadly that is what many people go through day in day out. A college education provides people with a higher potential standard of living, greater satisfaction in their career, and a robust investment. The value of receiving a college education is overwhelmingly beneficial. The most undeniable benefit of a college degree is by far the higher potential standard of living. U.S. jobs are classified into 5 zones by the Occupational Information Network based off various stipulations,
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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines investment as “the outlay of money usually for income or profit”(Merriam-Webster). Looking at college as investment, similar to a house or car purchase is important. With this perspective students learn about the responsibilities that come in life such as large purchases and investments. In “Yes, a college degree is still worth it” the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is quoted as saying “the rate of return for a bachelor 's degree has been hovering around 14% to 15% since 2000, ‘easily surpassing the threshold for a sound investment" (“Yes, a college degree is still worth it”). A college degree is proven to pay for itself over the long run and it’s value grows with time. College is an investment in high demand among employers. “From 1980 to 2013, workers with no college have seen a net loss of 9.3 million jobs in the manufacturing sector. But workers with at least some college have seen a net increase of 2.5 million manufacturing jobs” (Rothwell). Manufacturers have been moving to more automated practices, eliminating blue collar jobs within the industry. Instead a rise in need for engineers and other STEM related careers has been created. In the Pew Research Center study mentioned early a reported “ nine-in-ten adults with a bachelor 's degree or more education (91%) say that considering what they and their family paid for their undergraduate education, it has paid off for them or they expect it will pay off in the future. The sentiment is shared by an even higher proportion (96%) of those with a graduate or professional diploma” (“The rising cost of not going to college”). College is indisputably one of the most sound and secure investments that a person can

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