Explain the Differences Between Communicating with Adults and Comminicating with Children and Young People

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Unit TDA 301
2.3 Explain the differences between communicating with adults and comminicating with children and young people.

Communicating with children : - Comminicate clear ,concise and appropriate to their ages, needs, abilities by using words and phrases they will understand - actively listening to children - positive respond - asking and answering questions to prompt responses and check understanding - adapt comminication to their language or sen - concentrate what child is saying - use not only verbal but non verbal communication skills like smile, nodding , eye contact etc. - Praise and encouragement - Give support while communicating with children

Communicating with adult: -
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Explain how assessement for learning can contribute to planning for future learning.

For a teacher- assessement for learning informs about pupils achievement so teacher can take it into account for next session. Encouraging children to assess them self and reflecting on their own learning.

For a pupil- will make it clear for them which areas of learning they need to work on and which ones they are really good on. Having that assessement they can improve on those poor areas and built their confidence when they achieve it.

For a learning parctitioner- you will be able to see how pupils meeting theirs needs pupils. Give extra support to those who is needing , give them the most chances to improve their lack.

Supporting teaching and learning in schools (primary) by Louise Burnham

UNIT 312

Supporting numeracy development

1. Aims and importance of learning provision for numeracy development

All teachers need to understand importance of numeracy development and take responsibility for promoting that learning.

Numeracy is a skill for life, learning and work. Having well-developed numeracy skills allows children and young people to be more confident rising their self esteem in settings and help them enjoy different

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