Work Today Or In The 1900s

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Work is something that we all have to do, whether it is today or in the 1900s. Working is how people get their money. Money is how people get food and shelter. Without a job there is no food and shelter. Without food and shelter there is no life. Work has come a long way since the civil war ended. A change that I believe we all can agree was for the better. Today we are all used to working 40 hour weeks if we work more then we all get overtime. We all get paid at least minimum wage, no less. In the 1900’s this was not a luxury that the people had. It was common to work 12 hour shifts five or six days a week (60-72 hours a week), wages were completely up to the employer almost always the wages were incredibly low (Bettmann). Wages …show more content…
749,301 people were employed of those 2,451 died and 41,142 were injured, plus all civilians that were also injured (Bettmann). It has been said that all the Americans that died on the railroads is equal to that of Great British that died in the three year Boer war. Bosses were not concerned about safety they were concerned about making money. If that met putting people’s lives in danger so be it. People do not die working there job. A police officer may now and then but factory jobs you hardly ever see people dying. If one does die it is a very rare occurrence, usually some sort of freak accident. We don’t see the deaths that we used to because we have strict laws and safety codes enforced now. Companies have no choice but to follow these or they face hefty fees or worse they could be shut down. A death on the factory floor now and days would essentially kill the company before the government does with media …show more content…
The answer to this is to put children in factories and make them work. Their hands are tiny enough to use small machines and their bodies are small enough to fit in small areas. They were much cheaper than adults. Parents had no choice, they were not getting paid enough, there was not enough money to support the family. The only other option was to have kids work. Add to it that the factories and jobs kids were doing were incredibly dangerous and deadly, it was no place for a kid. As a kid in elementary school or middle school I could barely do school, let alone work a job. There is no way that kids today could work the long hours that kids used to in factories. Families now make enough money with federal minimum wage increases that their kids do not need to work at such a young age. There are also now federal laws restricting younger kids from working. One must now be 16 or sometimes 18 to even apply for a job. This is simply for safety. It is not safe to have kids so young

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