Muckrakers Research Paper

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Ignorance is the Real Enemy

Origin: Ray Stannard Baker. After 1896. US cities. Muckraker. Primary.
Purpose: To explain muckrakers impact society

What does Baker say is the reason or purpose for Muckrakers? What is their responsibility?
Baker states that the reason or purpose for Muckrakers is to expose the world around them. To really look at it and they are responsible to report honestly, fully, and above all interestingly at what they found. Muckrakers must report the facts, they can’t dramatize or lie about what they find.

How do Muckrakers benefit society? Provide evidence from the document.
I believe Muckrakers benefit society by exposing the horrors behind everyday life and products and opening the eyes of the public. “What the
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Around 1916. US cities. Muckraker. Primary
Purpose: To fuel the arguments against child labor

Concentrate on the two photos on page 153. Write down one word or a short phase that comes to mind after reading the story and looking at the pictures.
After reading the article and looking at the two photos, a word that first comes to mind is ‘Inhumane’. Forcing children to work for ridiculously low wages is almost slavery and should not have been a problem in the first place. The work was very dangerous for the children’s health and the employers knew this when they illegally hired them. These children should have been getting an education but were instead being forced to work in mines, the textile industry, and other dangerous places.

Why was child labor used if there was so much cheap labor available?
I think child labor was used instead of cheap labor because the children were small and nimble enough to fit in the machines or pick out little pieces of rock. A full grown person would not be able to fit in the machines whenever they broke, but a child could fit between the gears. Someone as tall as an adult wouldn’t be able to sit crouched over in the chutes, yet a child would be able to for an extended period of

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