Experiencing Pain In Infants

Infants have to go through many painful procedures such as immunization, blood collecting, circumcision and etc. Back in the day, people believed that infants can’t feel pain like adults but many recent studies found that infants can actually feel pain like adults. An fMRI study found that the infants and the adults’ brain light up very similarly when they were being poked in the foot with Pinprick Stimulators. The research also found that infants have lower threshold than adults (Harley, 2015).Experiencing pain in the early age can have a long lasting consequences. Pain alter the normal neurodevelopment of the infants (Granu, 2013). It can also cause hypervigilance and avoidance behaviors. (Giboney, 2004). Because of the negative effects of pain, …show more content…
The things is no one know the long term effects of these drugs on the infant’s development (Hall, 2006). A cohort study found that anesthesia linked with learning disability and behavioral problems in children. Infants that received to multiple anesthetic before the age of two will have a higher chance of developing these problems (Wilder, 2009). Because of these problems, doctors have turned toward non-pharmaceutical method such as using sucrose solution to reduce pain during painful procedure. But is sucrose effective? And should we replace pain relief medications with sucrose solution? A study was done to see if sucrose could significantly alleviate pain during blood collecting and circumcisions. Fifty four full term newborns between the age of 28-54 hours was used in this study. All of them scored 8 or 9 on the Apgar scale and none of them have any chronic or infectious disease during pregnancy. Twenty four of the newborns consisted of both male and female was put in blood collecting group and the other 30 was in the circumcision group.

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