Expectations And Motivation Essay

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Expectations and Motivation Letter
Study Research Objectives:
Waiting 48 hours only to get 3 hours of electricity to watch highlights of my favorite soccer team was an unpleasant norm. The more concerning fact was the knowledge that we were among the 7% of the population who had access to electricity. The service was mediocre at best and mostly unreliable. I decided to take part in solving the problem, but as a 9-year-old child, how could I take on this great task? This is when I began setting goals to acquire the skills and contribute to the solution of enabling everyone have access to electricity.
The first step towards achieving my goals was to get admission in to university. Succeeding in one of the most competitive university entrance exams (Kankor) where approximately 200,000 students participated and only 50 of them, with the highest grades, were admitted to the electrical department of Engineering Faculty-Kabul University was one my major accomplishments. It enhanced my self-esteem and led me to obtain first position in the class, which I later maintained throughout my undergraduate program. Despite other interesting classes, the new curriculum included a course on Renewable Energy (RE). In addition to a well-equipped laboratory, we were
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I was shocked to see how deeply damaging were the customary ways of heating, and lighting both in the short and the long run. Deforestation and greenhouse effects were most significant among other negative consequences. The amount of rain has gradually been reduced over the years and air pollution has reached at its peaks in some regions. Freezing winters and excessive use of in-doors heating systems fueled by Wood and coal is taking numerous causalities every year. Continually occurring direct health effects are now referred to as common seasonal

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