Expectations, Motivation, Emotion, And Culture

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Perceptual Sets: How Expectations, Motivation, Emotion, and Culture
Affect Human Perception. Within psychology, perception cannot be fully understood without understanding the individual being studied. Perception can be affected by thresholds, visual interpretation, auditory interpretation, and other physical properties such as motion interpretation. These peculiar aspects of perception are each influenced by the physical properties of their surroundings. However, human perception can also be altered by non-physical properties of their surroundings. Individual perception is frequently influenced based on properties such as: Expectations, Motivation, Emotions, and Culture (McLeod, 2007). These influences of perception affect the individual’s perceptual set.
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Often, individual’s perceptual sets affect four of their five senses: taste, touch, hearing, and seeing (Myers, 2013, p. 223). They use the previously motioned properties to make understanding of the individuals’ surroundings. “Perceptual sets are mental states or associations that are activated before an object comes into view” (Balcetis, 2013, p.3). Perceptual sets are therefore influenced by psychological factors as opposed to physical ones. This not only affects how we interpret things using our senses, but they affect how the world is perceived as a

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