Exercising The Death Penalty

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Our modern civilization consists of many different types of people. There are those who believe in good and the helping of others, while there are those who are the polar opposite. One of the most argued and disputed issues of the 21st century is how we should enforce and punish those who do not follow the laws and rules. The category most commonly used for these people is a criminal. Yes, there are criminals who are considered worse than others; however, they are categorized under the same name. Capital punishment, or the killing of someone as punishment for a crime is a severely heated topic in modern society. No longer should any government resort to the death penalty no matter how severe a crime may be. The death penalty is immoral and sacrilegious. In addition, exercising the death penalty negatively affects our …show more content…
Many argue that closure is needed for the victims of a severe crime and that the criminal must be put to death. The excruciating process prolongs the suffering and pain of those affected by the crime. Families and loved ones of victims say that they suffer just as much as the criminal suffers. Jenna Greishaber, the daughter of Janice Greishaber was murdered on November 6, 1997. Janice made this statement on the death penalty: “I’m here to tell you, as the Mother of a homicide victim, that the death penalty brings as much pain as it does relief, that it creates an entirely new layer of pain.” Jim Kelle, the brother of Miriam Kelle was tortured to death in 1985. Miriam stated, “Little did me and my family know then that when Michael Ryan was sentenced to death, we were sentenced too. Our sentence has been going on for 20 years and there has been no execution.” These are just two of the multitudinous grievances of people affected by the death penalty. The process is ineffective and increases stress, anger, and depression amongst loved ones waiting for an

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