The Methods Of The Death Penalty In The United States

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When people think of the death penalty, many times it goes over their heads. We don’t question the death penalty in many cases because it has been in the criminal justice system for so long. ( The death penalty is legal in 30 states in the U.S and has been around since the early 1600’s. (Zalan) There are many methods of the death penalty: lethal injection, firing squad, electrocution and even a gas chamber. (Muhlhausen) Some may be more painful than others, but they have been performed in many jails and correctional facility for many years, and against the inmates will. ( Side one states that the death penalty should stay in the legal system due to the fact that people should pay for their mistakes. Although, side two says the death penalty should be abolished due to …show more content…
Although, they are not 100 percent positive that the drug can be painful, there are cases that say Midazolam feels like you are “being burned alive from the inside out”, says Tierney Sneed. This being said, people believe the death penalty should be abolished altogether due to the fact, that it is cruel, inhumane and painful to many inmates and suspects. (Muhlhausen) As well as making you suffer, the death penalty can be a risk of executing a wrongfully convicted criminal. ( This has happened in many cases as the judge accuses the wrong suspect. (Mulhausen) Making Midazolam illegal will draw many people’s attention in letting them know what could go wrong with this penalty. ( They say, the lethal injection is known in more cases than none, to cause suffering more than the other methods used. ( Many people don’t believe excutition should be the answer to people that have made a mistake, but in fact, think they should suffer and pay for their mistake in a cell.

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