Exemplary Leadership Essay

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Nicole Lomupo

Examples of Exemplary Leadership

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The Wall Street Journal is a national news source indispensible to corporate industries and business professionals. The publication discloses current information on economics, politics, industry leaders, and international relations. The articles and discussions printed in the Wall Street Journal present readers with an opportunity to gain sufficient expertise about management and leadership. Most importantly, one can depict how these roles are incorporated and utilized in competitive markets. This report is a representation of different leadership styles identified in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) articles discussing the
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A similar scenario, relating to this type of decision making, occurred in February between insurance groups and patient advocates. Avery Johnson is the author of Defining Essential Care. Defining Essential Care is an article published in the WSJ, reporting on a dilemma regarding which services should be covered under insurance plans and how to categorize essential from non-essential services. Legislators have assigned ten sections of benefit coverage under the new law-determining essential services to be covered under these categories is left for regulators and insurance groups to decide. Specifically, patient advocates believe rehabilitative and habilitative services should be covered under general benefit plans while insurance companies feel these services should fall under more expensive plans (Johnson, 2/28/11, p. A3, U.S. News).The predicament reveals the sincerity of the patient advocates. One can recognize how patient advocates act exemplary of a Servant Leadership style. These individuals sustain strong values and are pursuing the needs of the patient by arguing rehabilitative services should not cost more for consumers. Insurers, on the other hand, just want a paycheck. They display little interest for patient needs and appear immoral. Continuing on the subject of rehabilitative services along with the new healthcaere law, Dennis Berkman portrays Transformational Leadership through his article, Kindred to Acquire RehabCare Group. In

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