Executive Summary : The Malaysia Airlines Essay

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Executive Summary
During 2014, the Malaysia Airlines company experienced two major airline crashes, which destroyed the company’s reputation. As a result of the crashes, the company experienced massive losses and a further loss of clients and this has placed the airlines company in a very complicated situation. The crises that the company went through were aired and circulated all over the world, thanks to the social media.
This communications plan examines the crisis and challenges that the company has gone through. It also explores how the company can develop effective communication from an international perspective in order to regain its reputation. An analysis of how the various options can aid in the restoration of the company’s reputation shall be provided.
This plan is within the field of public relations and it concerns itself with the practice of crisis communication. It gives an account of the relationships between reputation, crisis and communication and their connection in an organization. Three research questions will be used as a basis for the development of the strategy and they include:
1. Which communication strategies can Malaysia airlines employ in order to restore its reputation in the airlines industry?
2. How do the company’s communication messages align with the international media coverage? Will it enable the company to succeed in its communication?
3. How can cultural differences between the company and the media affect the company’s communication…

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