Excessive Force By Law Enforcement Officers Essay

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Say you are approached by a police officer and you are under the impression that nothing is the matter, you haven’t done anything wrong, and therefore no problems should occur. But in a stern, forceful tone the officer accuses you of stealing from the convenience store you just walked out of a block previously. You harmlessly plead your innocence and even show the officer your receipt for the things you bought, but then he gets angry and tells you are under arrest. He then proceeds to throw you onto the hood of the closest car violently and hand cuffs you. Not only did this officer make an unlawful arrest, but he also used excessive force to make that arrest. Excessive force by law enforcement officers is a common occurrence ever since the beginning of police officers. Anything from unnecessary physical, verbal or mental treatment by law enforcement officers is considered excessive force (Legal Definition of ‘Excessive Force’). Excessive forced used by law enforcement officers is an atrocious commodity happening in America and many officers are abusing their power and possibly harming or killing innocent people. Excessive force is illustrated as any form of unreasonable seizure when a law enforcement officer uses an unjust amount of force when making an arrest. This may include physical, verbal, or even verbal intimidation that has been used or threatened by an officer when having an interaction with a civilian (Danilina). This is just the basics, more…

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