Examples Of Victim Mentality

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Before you can overcome a victim mentality, you need to know that you have it. There are so many people walking around playing the victim in life, and it has become so much of a habit that they just think it is normal and a part of who they are. Many of them can 't see - in fact, they don 't even consider, that they are choosing to take a victim stance in life. If you are reading this, then you must feel like you have lost some power in your life and are ready to take it back, which means certain signs of living in a victim mentality have likely already come into your awareness. Still not sure? Following are 20 signs to watch for.

1. You Can 't Take Constructive Criticism

When someone gives you honest advice from a place of love, you get
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Especially after you have told them about all of your grievances and problems. So much so that if people are not giving you the sympathy you require, then you feel worse about yourself. You also feel that the only way to feel better in life is to have other people understand how bad you have it and then try to cheer you up and make you feel better.

9. You Blame Other People A Lot

Your parents, friends, and coworkers are to blame, not you. Even the grocery clerk is to blame for the wait when you come during a busy time at the store. Everything is always everyone else 's fault, and they are ruining your life! If you are always looking at other people as if they are at fault, then you have a victim mentality.

For example, the wife of a friend of mine would go so far as to blame her husband when she dropped and broke a cup. She insisted that he put the cup in the cupboard wrong. Needless to say she blamed others, mostly him, for everything else that happened in her life too.

10. You Feel Like Other People Have It Better Than You

You see yourself as less fortunate than other people. Others are happier, more successful, luckier, and given more opportunities than you. You just have it bad compared to others, and that 's the way it

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