Examples Of Summer Vacation Essay

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Summer Vacation “Everyone wake up” my aunt said. I checked my phone to see what time it was considering it was summer and all. I hit the unlock button and the time read five thirty in the morning. I thought to myself what could she possibly want this early in the morning.
Then it hit me today was the day we leave for our summer vacation. I was up and off to the bathroom in no time. Once everyone was dressed we headed outside to start packing the car. My uncle rented a minivan so everyone could fit. It was kind of cool out since the sun was still sleeping. I wished I was still asleep myself. We loaded all of our bags into the van. Then we headed back in to make sandwiches for the road. My cousin and I made the sandwiches and pack the rest
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Once we were signed in we headed to find our building. The hotel had three different buildings. Our building was tower two. We finally found our building and parked. Everyone got out to stretch and then we began to unpack the van. Our room was on the fifth floor. Inside the room there was two queen beds in the front. In the middle of the suite there was a kitchen and a large bathroom. There was another door that led to the living room area. Back in this area there was a day bed and a sleep sofa; which led to the balcony. The balcony overlooked the pools and the …show more content…
They would not tell us where we going. When the car came to a stop we all realized then we were at an amusement. We got out and headed to stand in the line to buy our tickets. We spent most of the day at the park riding rides. After that we went to the boardwalk. The boardwalk was even busier than the beach. We ate dinner, shopped, and then went for a boat ride. By the time we made it back to the hotel it was late. Simone asked if we wanted to go for a walk on the. The adults decried to stay while we all went. The beach was pitch black, but the moonlight hitting the water was a beautiful sight. We all walked the beach for a while and talked about our

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