Sexuality And Society

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Sexuality, Society, and the Self Sexuality. The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as the sexual habits and desires of a person. However, the whole scope and true meaning of sexuality is both much broader and deeper than this simple definition. The Sexuality Resource Center for Parents says that it includes the sex, how a person performs their gender, and to their sexual orientation and preferences. Since the breadth of sexuality is so vast I will focus on the sexual orientations, preferences, societal perceptions, sexual experiences and emotional perceptions. Also, my own experiences and thoughts on each other aspect will be discussed. Our sexual orientation is our attraction in a romantic and a sexual sense. This can range from having no attraction (asexual) to having attraction to all (pansexual) which exemplifies and shows both the diversity and complexity of sexuality. I’m heterosexual so that does come with privileges, but I’m glad to meet others with different sexual orientation because the diversity of the world intrigues me. I would say that my …show more content…
It is no secret that society can have an effect on our sexuality. When it comes to sexual orientation being heterosexual is the norm. This can come in the form of oversexualization of homosexual relationships and how heterosexual relationships are the ones that we see and hear the most. This can cause homophobia, biphobia, etc which can either be explicit or implicit. Homophobic things may have been said by me despite how I try to be accepting to everyone. I may mention that someone is gay or I may joke with my brother and call him gay. However, since this class I have learned that’s wrong so I will do my best to stop that since being homophobic is something I don’t want to be. Also, I will say that most emotional perceptions of mine is what I’ve seen in movies, my family, and people in

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