Essay On Breastfeeding

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Peace, Love, and Breastfeeding.
When it comes to breastfeeding in public, mothers are always told to cover-up, to leave the premises to an area where they cannot be seen, or heard away from the rest of the public. Why is public nursing such a controversial issue in today’s society? Society has developed a overly sexualized view of breast that it has become a big issue when mothers make the decision to breastfeed their child in public. In most cases, mothers are even openly asked and sometimes forced to breastfeed in a public bathroom. Is breast milk best served on the toilet? Absolutely not. Although, public breastfeeding means anyone can see, including pedophiles, nymphomaniacs, satyriasis, children and families; women should be allowed to breastfeed when and where they need to because it is their personal and natural choice. Breastfeeding also helps the infant’s optimal growth, since breast milk contains nutrients vital for a healthy growth, yet mothers are expected to breastfeed and not bottle-feed their infants, which can turn out to be very
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Including Texas, breastfeeding is a legal right in 49 states. Yet breastfeeding is regularly shamed upon by those who believe it is an indecent act. Society has taught us to think that breast are not meant to be exposed and when exposed breast/woman are used as a means to advertise products to men. Despite the fact that breast are naturally meant for feeding and nourishment, women’s bodies are still constantly sexualized. Nicky Lisa Cole, an author on the website Sociologist Explains, “Framing women as sex objects is an act of power, and so too is shaming women who nurse in public”. Rather than accepting what society has made us believe about woman’s breast, one should accept that breastfeeding is a normal situation that occurs between a mother and her

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