Examples Of Narrative Moment Of Decision

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Personal Narrative “Moments of Decision” “Thwack,” is the noise I heard as the arrow pierces the flesh of the big monster deer I just took a shot at. This day was one of the best decisions of my life to this day. If I wouldn’t have chosen to go on my very first bow hunt, I would have never been hooked on the sport that I love. Hunting is special to me. It is time alone with my dad and friends and I would have never been a part of until the day I made the decision to leave the small town of Orange City and go to a new even smaller hunting town called Bedford. I will forever leave a piece of my heart in this town I often call home. It is where my first hunt took place and where I spend lots of time in the fall. One of my biggest goals has …show more content…
It got us both anxious for what’s to come. We finally arrived at the spot and got out of the truck, packed up our backpacks, and grabbed our bows. It felt like I was on top of the world. I was so ready for this hunt.
My dad and I had just preceded away from the truck anxiously walking towards our hunting spots. Bows were in our hands and it felt like we were ready for anything. I had a good feeling about that morning and it turned out wondrous. We walked through the fields of bright yellow corn and we couldn’t see the end of the maze. It felt like we were walking aimlessly in an unknown direction. We soon realize that we are approaching the end of the corn. I see my tree stand that I will be sitting in for the next couple hours, and by this time I am so ecstatic. I know I had a grin on my face as big as the Grand Canyon. I was just so happy to be hunting, especially with my
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It creaks and moans because it has been there for years. I start to feel that this old hunk of junk, metal contraption in the tree might not be so safe. The tree has even started to grow around it! I settle in and watch my dad walk across the river bed to his spot, just 120 yards away from me. I see him get in his stand and I now know that the time to become quiet has started. As I’m sitting in my stand, it is so quiet I can hear my own heart beating. There is just something about being free out in the woods that is just relaxing to me. It seems that nothing else in the world matters. It feels like you are set free from all the chains society holds you back with, nothing to worry about with not a care in the world. All of a sudden, I hear crackling in the leaves. I look and look over the vast area and through the rows of corn but don’t see anything. I keep searching and searching hoping for something to come past and then suddenly it comes into sight. A magnificent .... squirrel. Wow! I got my hopes up and heart beating faster than normal for a squirrel. It seemed as if he just smiled and smirked at me and then ran off. To be honest, I was kind of mad. I was hoping for something way better than a little rodent. I sat back down and hung the bow back up on the tree, ready for a new encounter. Hopefully with a little bigger animal than a squirrel. I sit for maybe fifteen more minutes, and I hear a big clutter in the

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