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A Narrative Essay about Me
At the age of 16, during the climax of teenagehood, my life took the most drastic turn. I moved from Nigeria, Africa to the United States. I thought that moving to the United States would be a great idea because I was eager to learn about other cultures and experience new things. Still, as at the age of 16 one considers friends as important as family, the thought of leaving my friends and family behind saddened me. I was not sure if I was ready for such a big step because I was in my third year of the four-year high school program in Nigeria. Although the fourth and final year is considered one with little fun because students are busy preparing for a major exam at the end of the year, there is nothing as sweet as
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She promised my mother that she would come back for me and take me with her after she had established a life in the U.S. Two years later, she worked at a secure and well-paying job and I did not hesitate to join her as I had been waiting to reunite with her. I had to let go of all of the plans that I had and leave my dear friends, teachers at school, relatives, neighbors, and many other people that I held dear.
I used to disguise the remorsefulness of leaving behind a life so dear to me with the excitement of moving to the United States. I had so many questions in my mind. I started imagining how would board a big plane for the first time in my life and travel in the air for about 16 hours. That alone was a new and exciting experience. All my curiosity about the travel ended when I landed in the United
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Once again, I had the opportunity to compare my homeland with this new country. The school system was very different from the one back in Nigeria. Not only the school looked different but also the teaching process. Here, everybody had textbooks, while in my home country the textbooks were scarce and those who had them had to guard them against theft. I loved the lockers that were along the school hallways; in my country, one had to keep their books inside lockable desks inside the classrooms. The classrooms were well furnished, had many educational materials displayed on the sidewalls, and every class had a television and a video player. In my country, there was only one television set and a video player that was kept in the library and available only at specific days of the week. I was also surprised seeing that students carried phones to school and no one had to wear uniforms; that reminded me of universities and colleges in my country. In spite of all the excitement, I was feeling restless and worried if I would manage to adapt to the new

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