My Behavioral Goal To Change My Eating Habits

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My behavioral goal was to change my eating habits because I felt I ate out too much. And I do believe I achieved this goal because I cannot even remember the last time I went out to eat. I have noticed some weight loss and am truly loving the way my body is changing. I also noticed that I’ve been saving more money. Ever since I stopped eating out my emotions have somehow improved for the better. I used to feel depressed after eating out and hated the feeling of eating greasy foods. However, now I am the complete opposite, I am happier and more energetic. In the beginning of this behavioral change project I had set a short term goal which was to avoid eating out during the week and a long term goal which was to not eat out at all. I would not have been able to achieve my short …show more content…
I had some creative strategies and procedures to help me reach my goals. For instance, I would leave my credit card at home so that I would not have any money on me to spend. I also gave my boyfriend my bank status so he could see where I’ve spent money. And I would pack my own lunch and snacks for school and work. I even found a way to manage my time better so that I could have my home cooked meals prepared after work and school which also helped my family’s eating habits. I believe that my short term goal helped me reach my long term goal of not eating out at all. The reason why my strategies helped me achieve my goal was because I made sure they were realistic and achievable for this semester 's time frame. My best procedure was packing my own lunch or snacks before I left the house for work because I was not tempted to eat out, also leaving my money at home so that I won’t be able to spend it on fast food. These really helped me

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