Examples Of Love And War In The Movie Troy

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The Stories of Love and War
The movie “Troy” directed by Wolfgang Petersen is a reenactment of the trojan war inspired by Homer’s Iliad. It is the story of love and war. The love of a city, love for a girl, and love for oneself. It is a twisted tale that reveals that the world not all black and white; it reveals that there are many grey areas as well. One of the main examples of this can be seen in King Priam. Troy is adored by him more than anything. Priam is an excellent example of how love, can cloud your judgment. He would rather have his sons perish than give up Troy. He is a character that is both a hero, and a villain. . Yet, he was also a hero in the ways that he loved his people. He could be wise, yet also foolish, kind, yet cruel.
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He was noticeably kingly in the way he stood and talked, yet you could also tell that he loved his son's greatly. Others seem to speak of him as either weak, and naive, or as a powerful and great king. Aggamendmon was one of those kings who loved himself more than his people and was extremely selfish and prideful. He hated King Priam, not only because of his son taking Helen, but because he was powerful, and strong. He had a great kingdom. However in many incidences he put too much trust in the gods, which seemed to be his downfall. In one scene, it shows Hector, who is also the leader of an army, advising him to not attack the Greeks. Yet, he does not heed Hectors warning because the priests said they had a vision. One given from the gods saying they should attack. He blindly followed his faith, which is admirable but, at the same time kind of …show more content…
He slowly grows as a king, and as a father in ways. You can almost feel the love he has for his son's. Yet, he would let them go die, for the honor. He would rather have them die than be disgraced. He feels like pride is more important than the lives of his sons. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. However, he did go and beg Achilles for his sons body. He risked his life to go and ask Achilles for a favor, for respect. Stating that” Even enemies can so each other respect.” And then Achilles told him he was a better king than the one that was running the Greek army. Which I agree with Priam was a good king. Not perfect and had many faults, but he tried his best. He loved his city, and the people that lived in it. Near the end of the movie, as I mentioned before, he led the way to his own destruction. Again heeding the warning of one of his sons this time Paris. He listened to the Greeks left behind who told him that they left it as a gift to Poseidon, and he took it into the city. Instead of destroying it. At night when the Greeks crept out of the horse. They burned Troy to the ground. Instead of fleeing, he stayed inside and tried to stop the Greeks from destroying the artifacts in the temple. In return King Agamemnon stabbed him in the back with a

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