Flawless Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy The inbound marketing strategy document consists of framework and tactics associated with creating the educative and informational experience for prospective customers.
This document is created by conducting informational interviews with the client, developing buyers persona, and designing suitable content for attracting the ideal prospects
Content Strategy We at Flawless Inbound have an unique view of developing content. We are firm believers in the mantra of “content is king”. This document highlights the strategy that will be employed in the foundation phase to develop content. Through informational interviews and further research, we gain a better understanding of the client’s business
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The editorial calendar consists of timelines for creating, publishing and approving of various contents such as e-magazine, e-books, blogs, white paper, webinar, videos etc. The content calendar is also tuned to tend to the buyer cycle to move prospective customers down the revenue funnel (shown earlier)
Source Strategy This document provides insights on which platform to use for which stages of the buyer cycle. For instance, LinkedIn would be the ideal platform that can be used to create awareness and hence would contain content relevant to awareness stage, while twitter platform would be the best platform to reach out the wider audience and educate. This strategy document considers different scenarios and provides recommendations for the different platforms that could be used for different content (pertaining to different stages in the buyer
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The client can witness the different aspects associated with the marketing platform and we as a marketing firm would be able to test and iron out potential errors, thereby optimizing the platform to better serve during the foundation phase (where the marketing platform plays a critical role in publishing content, capturing leads, and nurting prospects)
Social Media Outreach During the planning phase, we will be trying to grow the social media following on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram
Bi-Weekly Strategy Session These are three hour session conducted bi-weekly to gain more insight about the client’s business model. This time would be utilized to collaborate and create inbound strategy (as we believe our clients know their business better than we do), conduct informational interviews, provide recommendations, and develop editorial calendar.
Price $10,000/- + GST per month (retainer contract for 2 months)
Contract Period 2 months
Start Delivery 19th August 2015
Cancellation Policy Not applicable for the first two months (planning

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