Examples Of God's Aspects Of Justice

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GOD’S ATTRIBUTES OF JUSTICE This paper will attempt to demonstrate God’s attributes of justice through His never failing love. Many people associate justice with punishment and leave no room for love. One example of God’s attributes is how He reveals His love to the unjust with mercy. God has shown this from Genesis to Revelations. However, for this paper the focus will be on one example of God’s mercy from the Old and New testament. Believers and non-believers alike seem to have fallen away from what God’s justice stood for and somehow either minimized God into conforming to personal emotional reality or maximizing Him as some sci-fi fairytale that is far beyond actuality. In the Old Testament God is portrayed as a God with vengeance on anyone …show more content…
In this verse Nehemiah receives word about God’s people and how they were being mocked, the disorganization, and the wall needing to be rebuilt. Nehemiah a man of God confesses the sin of not obeying God not only for himself but for the Israelites. He prayed to God with great humility professing the greatness of God asking for mercy. Nehemiah went with the confidence that God had restored or redeemed him and conquered the rebuilding of the wall. One key factor here is to notice how Nehemiah went with confidence. He knew that the justice of God was to set His people straight so that they may be redeemed and glorify God. Hebrews 4:16, “let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of …show more content…
Romans 3: 24-26 explains that, “all are justified by the act of Christ and who believe receive salvation.” The act of Christ did not change anything about God from the Old Testament. Charles Grandison Finney once put it well when referring to the purpose of Christ, “I saw that His work was finished work; and then instead of having, or needing, any righteousness of my own to recommend me to God, I had to submit myself to the righteousness of God through Christ.”

God’s conflict was never with people it has always been with sin. The idea of justice may be perceived as a blessing. Without it the sacrifice and salvation of Christ could not have been accomplished. It may be necessary at times for individuals to look back into human history to see the events that led to the continued justice and mercy of God. Nonetheless to see the two as separate entities may have allowed for confusion and destruction as a Christian.

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